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Welcome to Excess2sell

The Most Trusted B2B Marketplace for Overstock, Surplus Inventory

2 Lac+ B2B Businesses

12 Thousand+ Products

31 Thousand+ Registered Members

125 Crore+ Successful Liquidations

Excess2sell is India’s Premier and leading excess inventory marketplace which covers multiple verticals. Our aim is to provide an end-to-end solution to wholesalers and retailers through Excess2Sell platform.

Excess2Sell is co-founded by a professional team which consist of aggregated of 60+ years of experience in B2B space having in-depth and domain expertise like Business Management, Sales Management and, Product Marketing which have been the key drivers behind the growth of Excess2Sell.

Excess2Sell is a Bulk Sell B2B platform which aims to bring buyers and sellers together. In a relatively short period of time Excess2sell has become India’s premier Excess Inventory Marketplace and is the only platform which provides one stop solution for verticals like Mobility, Apparel, Electronics, home and appliances, IT hardware and software, surveillance, networking, and LED lighting products to name a few. Excess2Sell is poised to reach out to and network together millions of partners, dealers, wholesalers, retailers, vendors and become the number one platform for Assured and Guaranteed liquidation deals.

Unique Business Model


Excess2Sell maintains and offers 100% confidentiality for buyers and sellers to buy and sell their overstock easily We do not share buyer and seller data with any third party. Hence the sellers and buyers can confidentially liquidate their stocks or buy liquidation stocks.


When our partners are stuck with overstock, unsold inventory and are not having access to the market, Excess2Sell helps them to complete their transaction, with excess2sell playing an important role in handholding and being the transaction entity. Without ever allowing the need of the buyers and sellers to face each other.


We are a B2B wholesale platform hence we focus to support fulfilment to the partners. Our aim of providing a mutually acceptable solution to the partners in the channel or b2b network. We are not aligned to any particular brand or a channel or vertical. We work across the spectrum and are building a symbiotic eco-system of buyers and sellers for their stock liquidation in bulk.