What is Excess & Overstock Inventory?

Excess inventory, Overstock, Ageing stock, or surplus inventory, is the consequence of some type of mismanagement of stock demand due to factors consisting of over-buying, Seasonal Overstock, inaccurate projections, canceled orders, bad economy, unexpected climate change, or late or early delivery of goods that has not yet been sold and that exceeds the projected consumer demand for that product.

Excessive stock is likewise connected with loss of revenue owing to additional capital bound with the purchase or simply storage space taken. Excessive inventory can result from over delivery from a supplier or from poor ordering and management of inventory by a buyer for the inventory.

When relating to overstock or excess inventory in the form of consumer goods in a retail operation, the term refers to goods that have never been purchased by a customer but that are considered excess stock or inventory from Retailers/LFR,s/Showrooms/Distributors/Wholesalers shelves and/or company or brand warehouses. Excess inventory is typically discarded of in the following ways: returned to the manufacturer, brands or original distributor/wholesalers/retailers, liquidated to companies that then resell it on the secondary wholesale or retail market, sold at an extreme discount to existing customers, sold to salvage companies which then process metals and components of value.

The prior damage caused by excess inventory is an early exhaust of cash flow, and later the loss of free disposable capital for investing.

We are into the business of revolutionizing the 30billion indian b2b excess inventory market.

"Through technology, analytics and transparent process of liquidation among buyers and sellers".




We enable brands to efficiently sell excess inventory to retailers in private, online showrooms and provide improved decision-making to turn inventory faster, improve cash flow, and optimize returns helping our 'sellers' (partners with excess stock) to meet potential ‘buyers’ (partners interested in excess stock). We ensure 'Anonymity', 'Neutrality' & 'Confidentiality' for 'sellers' & 'buyers' by

Making it easy to list & present excess inventory to potential buyers

Making excess inventory give better ROI than fire sales

Making buyers have unprecedented access to excess inventory across India

We help brands liquidate excess inventory quickly and efficiently

Making sellers gain access to buyers all across India

We give buyers unprecedented access to excess inventory

Excess2sell platform is a network of retailers/wholesalers/traders/distributors/brands and manufacturers' anonymous liquidation platform. The excess2sell platform enables re-sellers to shop for liquidation and overstock inventory directly from reputable enterprise retailers, all from one source. The liquidation sales are exclusive to registered retailers & approved buyers.

Thousands of re-sellers love the excess2sell platform because we provide them direct access to retailers and overstock inventory that they were never previously able to buy without middleman mark ups.

The excess2sell liquidation categories primarily include Apparel, Appliances, Cell Phones, Computer, Equipment & Software, Consumer Electronics, Home & Kitchen, Mixed Lots, Other Lots, Toys, Kids & Baby, TVs and More.

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Our Partner Speaks

We always look for deals when we buy stocks. Checkers India Technology's Excess inventory platform comes as a single point to get the best deals in the market and for hassle free buying experience.
Jignesh Mehta Nishi Infotech, Mumbai (Registered Partner)
With nation moving towards unifying the taxes and implementing GST. Excess2sell will provide us opportunity to have the entire nation as one market and get the best deals with ease of buying and selling with no hassles.
Manish Kejriwal Director KBS Computers Pvt Ltd (Registered Partner)
Excess2Sell is a much needed revolutionary platform to collaborate product availability with partners at aggressive commercials which helps to complete the eco system to run its business cycle.
Kerman Rana Priya Ltd (Registered Partner)
We were looking for a neutral platform which will give us access to the best deals and we find Checkers India Technology's excess inventory market place the best place to look for deals and the best prices.
Bhavesh Shah Niagra Infotech, Mumbai (Registered Partner)
This is an excellent initiative from Checkers India Technology team. Excess Inventory is the most critical pain point in a retailer or in a whole seller's business. Partner community will be benefited tremendously from this excess inventory marketplace
Lalit Kothari Shwetha Computers, Hyderabad (Registered Partner)
We are very happy to be part of Checker India's 'excess inventory marketplace'. Our inventory is a paid inventory, this marketplace will help us to sell our excess inventory and prevent it becoming aeging inventory. Hats off to the Checkers India Technology team for this unique idea
Devendra Sayani DC Infotech, Mumbai (Registered Partner)