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  • Cosmosgalaxy I3396-A 7 Pcs Kitchen Knife Set With Chopping Board

Cosmosgalaxy I3396-A 7 Pcs Kitchen Knife Set With Chopping Board

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This kitchen knife and chopping board set will make a great addition to your kitchen. This set includes six different knives and a chopping board. Made of high-quality materials, these pieces are sure to last for long. The knives in this kitchen knife set offer extra sharpness and will let you quickly and effortlessly complete all your cutting tasks. These knives are resistant to vegetable acids and do not require sharpening. The chopping board is useful for quickly chopping vegetables without creating a mess in your kitchen.
The knives included this knife and chopping board set come in various shapes and sizes. Cut through the hard crust on a loaf, chop meat and dice vegetables using the knives in this set. Thanks to their surface finish, these knives are sure to resist corrosion. They have colourful plastic handles that provide a firm grip at all times. Buy this kitchen knife board set to cut vegetables, fruits and other food items with maximum ease. The chopping board that comes with this set is also an ideal addition to your collection. It helps make the chopping faster and better, without a mess, as it is big enough to accommodate large items.


  • Contents:

1 Chef Knife: 19 cms
1 Bread Knife: 20 cms
1 Meat Knife: 20 cms
1 Boning Knife: 11 cms
1 Utility Knife: 13.5 cms
1 Paring Knife: 10 cms
1 Chopping Board: 30 cms 

  • Stainless Steel blade provides precise and efficient cutting edge. 
  • Plastic handle provides an easy grip.
  • Comes with a plastic chopping board. 
  • Knives are immune to harmful vegetable acids
Brand Cosmosgalaxy
Type Kttchen Knives, Peelers
Material Stainless Steel
Color Multi Color

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