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  • Cyberpower OLS2000EXL 2 KVA UPS, Black

Cyberpower OLS2000EXL 2 KVA UPS, Black

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The online s series UPS is ideal for servers,networking equipment,workstations and other mission critical applications which require pure sine wave power protection.Featuring online double conversion design and zero transfer time,it can provide consistent and seamless pure sine wave power to critical loads.With the add on advantage of extended runtime xl battery packs,the UPS backup time can be extended to maximize workflow flexibility.An optional snmp or http remote management capability enables remote management and control of the system through standard web browser.The included power panel business edition management software provides corporate servers and critical workstations comprehensive network power management including unattended shutdown,event logging,reporting and notifications.

Brand CyberPower
Color Black
Warranty 2 Years
Power Output 2 Watts
Segment Home, Office

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