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  • ECS H61H2-MV Intel Motherboard
  • ECS H61H2-MV Intel Motherboard

ECS H61H2-MV Intel Motherboard

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  • Intel H61
  • LGA 1155
  • DDR3
  • Micro ATX
  • M.I.B. III M.I.B. III brings the same convenience interface of overclocking as M.I.B. II, it also comes with advance range of frequency tuning for system performance and superior gaming capability. Solid Capacitor Solid capacitors lifespan is 6 times more than electrolytic capacitors at 65?C temperature and it offers a stability and durable system. Support 22nm processors Intel new 22nm, 3-D transistor architecture enables support for new-generation processors which delivers unprecedented performance improvement, faster computing and graphics and power reduction. eBLU - BIOS Live Update Utility ECS eBLU utility makes updating BIOS fast and easy. eBLU saves time and hassle of searching for BIOS online and avoid complicated flashing steps. With simple and easy steps it checks for new BIOS version on-line and safely guides the user to flash the system BIOS. The rear I/O area of the ECS H61H2-MV features a pair of PS/2 ports for older keyboards and mice, 4x USB 2.0 ports, and a DE-15 port for VGA output from the Intel integrated graphics from the processor. It also features a RJ45 LAN port, connected to either a Realtek Gigabit controller, a Realtek 10/100 controller, or a Colay 10/100 controller. The model supplied for review has the Realtek 8105E 10/100 controller.Next to this is the 3 ports for 5.1 channel audio. While this may appear to be sparse, it’s the expandability that this board features that will more than make up for this.
Brand ECS
Type Motherboard
Motherboard Type Micro-ATX
Data Rate DDR3
Interface USB
Connectivity USB 2.0
Warranty 3 Years

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