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  • Genuine Epson -C13S050194, Waste Toner Collector

Genuine Epson -C13S050194, Waste Toner Collector

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  • Quality Epson C13S050194 Waste Toner Collector

Built specifically for your Epson printer, the genuine Epson C13S050194 waste toner cartridge ensures efficient waste toner collection for spill-free and smooth printing. The Epson C13S050194 waste tank is designed to collect all toner residue from your machine, allowing fast and easy disposal. It's an essential component that maintains your printer's accuracy, which is why regular replacement of your Epson C13S050194 waste toner collector is needed to keep your machine working at optimum performance. The Epson S050194 waste toner bin lasts for as many as 24,000 prints on average, which means longer intervals in between units.

Brand Epson
Color Black
Warranty 1 Year

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