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  • LevelOne- VOI-7100, SIP PhoneTelephone w/ PoE, Black.

LevelOne- VOI-7100, SIP PhoneTelephone w/ PoE, Black.

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  • The LevelOne VOI-7100 SIP IP VoIP Phone is the first SIP phone to the VoIP market. SIP is what experts in the VoIP industry calls "the dial tone of the 21st Century". If you think that current VoIP phones and technology is all what it takes to safe money on monthly telephone bills, think again. Levelone has released the VOI-7100 in the wake of the more increased useage of SIP technology worldwide that is giving mobility an entirely new meaning.
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Brand LevelOne
Model Name VOI-7100
Color Black
Type IP Phone
Warranty 6 Months
VoIP Protocols SIP, SIP v2
Voice Codecs G.711, G.723.1, G.726, G.729ab
IP Address Assignment DHCP, PPPoE
Network Protocols ARP, DNS, ICMP, IP, TCP, TFTP, UDP

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