Statcon Energiaa 1 KVA/48v Single Phase Off-Grid Solar Inverter

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Type of Product Off-Grid Solar Inverter
Power Rating 1 KVA
Input Supply 230V ± 15%
Input Frequency Range(Hz) 50Hz ± 5%
Peak Efficiency(%) >85%
Max. Output Voltage 230V ± 2%
Weight (Kg) 60 Kg
Applications Rural Electrification, Remote Sites, Farm Houses, Govt. Rural Health Schemes, Remote Telecom, Oil, Gas pipelines, Defence
Features It Has Alpha-numeric Display with Keypad, LED Indicationas: System On,
Inverter On, Solar Charging, Mains Charging, PV Present, Fault,
Three stage battery charging Float, Boost, Equalize,
Battery current limiting (Both for Solar and Mains Charger),
Temp. compensation for VRLA type battery, Intelligent control solar priority,
Battery type supported – Lead Acid Tubular, VRLA, Ni-Cd,
Inbuilt data logging, GPRS mounting of all parameters
Voltage 48 V
Output Frequency (Hz) 50Hz ± 1%
Brand Statcon
E2S Smart
Smart Business Assistant