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Beauty & Hygiene

disinfectant fogging gun (xh-040h)
60.00 % OFF
MOQ : 20

Disinfectant Fogging Gun (xh-040h)

Rs.3,600.00 View Offer Price
gizmore automatic soap dispenser (giz-d8)
67.49 % OFF
MOQ : 100

Gizmore Automatic Soap Dispenser (giz-d8)

Rs.1,300.00 View Offer Price
gizmore 3 layer hepa mask (zm02)
50.00 % OFF
MOQ : 500

Gizmore 3 Layer Hepa Mask (zm02)

Rs.40.00 View Offer Price
gizmore n-95 anti-bacterial mask with respirator (zmr05)
27.78 % OFF
gizmore n-95 anti-bacterial mask with headloop (zmr06)
18.75 % OFF
gizmore hepa mask (zm01) black colour
26.00 % OFF
MOQ : 500

Gizmore Hepa Mask (zm01) Black Colour

Rs.37.00 View Offer Price
gizmore fashionable mask (zfm01)
28.57 % OFF
MOQ : 500

Gizmore Fashionable Mask (zfm01)

Rs.50.00 View Offer Price
car shape portable fogging machine sw-f 1000
30.94 % OFF
MOQ : 20

Car Shape Portable Fogging Machine Sw-f 1000

Rs.6,215.00 View Offer Price
n95 (zm03) respiratory protection anti bacterial face mask
85.97 % OFF
automatic liquid dispenser (d101)
64.49 % OFF
MOQ : 15

Automatic Liquid Dispenser (d101)

Rs.2,130.00 View Offer Price
3 layer triple particle filtration system zm01 colour black
77.39 % OFF
gizmore contactless infrared thermometer (ad801)
73.12 % OFF
MOQ : 50

Gizmore Contactless Infrared Thermometer (ad801)

Rs.2,150.00 View Offer Price
gizmore n-95 anti-bacterial mask with respirator (zmr07)
41.67 % OFF
gizmore n-95 anti-bacterial mask (zm03)
21.43 % OFF
MOQ : 500

Gizmore N-95 Anti-bacterial Mask (zm03)

Rs.55.00 View Offer Price
gizmore multifunction uv sterilize box (giz-uv893) white
62.49 % OFF
personal protective equipmet kit (zp01)- free size colour blue
57.58 % OFF
automatic liquid dispenser cy850p
59.99 % OFF

Automatic Liquid Dispenser Cy850p

Rs.3,200.00 View Offer Price
Restocking soon
gizmore giz mask (zem-01) cotton rayon
73.15 % OFF

Gizmore Giz Mask (zem-01) Cotton Rayon

Rs.40.00 View Offer Price
Restocking soon
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