Herbal Trends Premium Triphala Ras- Purity Guaranteed

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  • A Balancing Formula for Detoxification and Rejuvenation.
  • Undiluted | No hidden chemical or laxative added.
  • Made from Fruit Pericarp. No seeds used in the ras.
  • Mild and non habit forming body detox (not a laxative).
  • No artificial colour,flavour or sugar added.
  • All products from latest batches (max 3 months).
  • Made from best extraction technology (Each batch of Triphala Ras takes 16 hours to be manufactured).
  • Ayurvedic formula for Internal Purification.
  • Rasayana and Tridoshnashak (as per Ayurvedic texts).
  • Safe for all age groups.
  • Made from pure Aloe vera inner gel. No extracts used.
  • Contains Natural source of vitamin-E.
  • Paraben free. Contains maximum quantity of Aloe vera (90%)
Brand Herbal Trends
Type Juice
Warranty 1 Year
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