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  • Havells ES - 50, Five Star, 1200 mm Ceiling Fan,Brown, 1 Year Warranty

Havells ES - 50, Five Star, 1200 mm Ceiling Fan,Brown, 1 Year Warranty

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  • Build for Long Use and Speedy Performance

There was a time when ceiling fans were considered purely on the basis of their performance. Now looks, durability and price are equally important characteristics. The Havells ES-50 ceiling fan is a perfect combination of all these features. Coming from Havells, this fan is a warhorse that is designed to perform endlessly. With a powerful motor, this Havells five star ceiling fan delivers what it is made for. This three blade Havells ceiling fan has a speed of 350rpm with an air delivery of 215cmm.

  • Uniform Breeze and Power Saving

People often opt two ceiling fans in large sized rooms. With a sweep of 1200mm, the Havells brown ceiling fan provides uniform breeze across your room. Even the corners won't be missed. You can continue to use this fan for the entire day as it has a Energy Star rating of five. This means that it consumes very less power and this will translate into increased savings in power bills. You can keep your electricity bills in check while staying cool and comfortable with the Havells 52watts ceiling fan.

Brand Havells
Color Brown
Type Ceiling Fan
Warranty 1 Year
Motor Speed 350 RPM
No. Of Blades 3
Sweep 1200 mm

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