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  • Herbal Trends Amla Magic - Amritfal Amla Ras Pure- 1Litre

Herbal Trends Amla Magic - Amritfal Amla Ras Pure- 1Litre

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1.100% Natural - Pure & unadulterated form of goodness of amla fruit.
2.Clean Natural taste - without any synthetic fragrance 
3.Best rejuvenating herb and great rasayan  for "Pitta dosha" as per Ayurveda.
4.Processed from fully mature , Wild Himalayan Amla fruit.
4.Improved eyesight  and immunity booster.
5.Healthier hair- can be applied on the scalp directly or by mixing in oil  at night for better hair care . Prevents  premature greying of hair.
7.GMP Certified - Manufactured in  "State of the Art Facility" with latest modern technology affiliated to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Norms.
8.Totally Fresh - Our Amla  juice is from latest batches , Max. 3 months from the  manufacturing . Total shelf life is 12 months.
9.Purity Test- Drop few drops of amla juice on any floor surface , if it turns  black after some times , It is Pure.

Brand Herbal Trends
Type Juice
Warranty 1 Year
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