Royal Black Pearl (Heritage Blend) Assam Green 25 gm Tea Bags 5 Tea Bags

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  • Strong Aroma
  • Straight From Estate
  • soothing aroma and is full of anti-oxidants
  • refreshing, strong and energizing cup of tea
  • Majestic Essence of India
  • Green teas are one of the healthiest options available among teas. They are healthy because they undergo the minimum level of oxidation. The process of preparation of green teas is such that it makes the body healthy. This is the reason they are termed as superfoods. Green tea dips energise the body and recharge it. It takes away all the tiredness and fatigue from the body. Not only that, green tea is good for the vital organs of the body, skin and overall health. The absence of any withering or oxidation process helps to retain the good compounds in the tea. Benefits of green tea are due to the fact that it contains more healing compounds than many other herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables, truly making it a powerful “superfood”
Brand Royal Black Pearl
Item Weight 18.1 g
Product Type Tea
Package Dimensions 8.2 x 7.2 x 3.4 cm
Ingredient Type Green Tea
Item Package Quantity 25 gm
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